Chemtrails!: Photos Capturing Plane's Rainbow Contrails

May 17, 2016


These are two perfectly timed photos taken by Japanese photographer KAGAYA at the moment the condensation in a plane's contrails produced rainbows. No word what kind of chemtrails the government was releasing this time, but my guess is a combination of mind-control dust and infertility powder. Maybe with a little speed mixed in to keep people moving quickly. You know I have a friend that believes in chemtrails and tries to tell me every streak you see in the sky is one and haven't you noticed how the weather was unseasonably warm today? I just agree with him for the sake of arguing and try to change the subject as fast as I can. Usually to something way more sane like how the government adds drugs to the water supply to make us all stupid and that's why bottled water is so expensive because it costs so much to filter them out. Chemtrails though -- what a crazy person.

Keep going for a way less zoomy shot.


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