Brewery Develops Edible Six-Pack Rings To Save Wildlife

May 18, 2016


The Saltwater Brewery of Delray Beach, Florida has developed edible six-pack rings to help save marine life. The rings are made from barley and wheat leftovers from the brewing process and are 100% biodegradable. No word if eating them will get you drunk, but I'm already on my fifth set of rings and so far just a tummy ache.

Besides being biodegradable and edible, this innovative technology is still as resistant and efficient as the plastic packaging it replaces. It is, understandably, more expensive to produce, but many customers are willing to pay the difference knowing that it's better for the environment and animal life. However, if more breweries would implement this technology, the production cost would lower and be competitive with the current plastic options, saving hundreds of thousands of marine lives.

Hey, I am all about saving marine lives. "Even sharks?" Even sharks. Of course I don't know how many plastic six-pack rings sharks are really eating, but that's beside the point. I value all life. Except the lives of my enemies, those people I will force-feed plastic six-pack rings and bread clips until they die horribly painful deaths.

Keep going for a video about the rings.

Thanks to Trish, who agrees they should also start making edible crude oil to save wildlife in the event of a spill.

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