Aww: Tortoise Burned In Fire Gets First 3-D Printed Shell

May 23, 2016


Meet Freddy the tortoise. Freddy was badly burned in a bush fire in Brazil and would not have survived without human intervention. Thankfully, a team calling themselves Captain Planet and The Planeteers The Animal Avengers rescued Freddy and 3-D printed him a bitchin' new shell. Turtle power! "He's a tortoise." Tortoise power!

"Freddy was the first tortoise in the world to receive a fully rebuilt hull and the first creature that we, as a newly formed group of animal rescuers, decided to help," said Designer Cicero Moraes, a member of the volunteer group based in Sao Paulo. He designed the shell by reconstructing a 3D computer image based on various pictures he took of Freddy. He then sent the design to Dr Paulo Miamoto, a dental surgeon, who turned the design into reality with the use of a 3D printer.

Good for him. Of course if I was a tortoise with a busted shell I would have insisted my new shell have a functional cannon mounted on top. You know, just in case that hare comes around talking shit again. I BEAT YOU ONCE ALREADY MAYBE I DON'T WANT TO RACE AGAIN. "What are you - chicken?" No you dumb shit obviously I'm a tortoise what the hell is wrong with you are you on speed or something? They should have drug-tested before our first race I guarantee you would have been disqualified.

Keep going for a gnarly looking before picture, a shot of him pre-paint job, as well as a video of Freddy struttin' that ass in his new shell.



Thanks to hairless, who may or may not have lost all his hair in a fire I didn't ask because that's not polite and if there's one thing I have, it's manners. Jk jk, it's rashes.

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