Awesome Star Wars Aerial Battle Shot With Drones

May 24, 2016


This is Drone Star Wars (aka Attack Of The Drones), an aerial battle between R2-D2 in an x-wing fighter and stormtroopers in a TIE fighter and a TIE X2. It's a combination of actual footage captured by drones, and computer graphics. It's worth a watch. I convinced my roommate it's leaked footage from the next movie and he actually believed me because he can't see that well without his glasses which I accidentally sat on and broke last night. My bad. Then he asked to borrow $5 this morning and I told him I'd only give it to him if he was willing to pull the bill, which I had folded in half length-wise, from between my butt cheeks with only the very tip top protruding from the crack. He was surprisingly willing. Thankfully for me, and not for him when he tries to buy something, that $5 bill was actually a folded grocery store receipt.

Keep going for the video, then remember if your glasses break you can always tape the lenses to your eyebrows so you can still see.

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