An Elevated Bus That Can Run Over Other Cars

May 26, 2016


Well, not actually run over them like Bigfoot or Grave Digger would, but it can drive over them. Although that's not actually the purpose. The purpose is so that cars can drive under the bus, thus eliminating bus-stop related traffic jams. I love jams. Boysenberry is my favorite.

Instead of spending millions to widen roads, the Shenzhen Huashi Future Parking Equipment company is developing a "3D Express Coach" (also called a "three-dimensional fast bus") that will allow cars less than 2 meters high to travel underneath the upper level carrying passengers.

The model looks like a subway or light-rail train bestriding the road. It is 4-4.5 m high with two levels: passengers board on the upper level while other vehicles lower than 2 m can go through under. Powered by electricity and solar energy, the bus can speed up to 60 km/h carrying 1200-1400 passengers at a time without blocking other vehicles' way. Also it costs about 500 million yuan to build the bus and a 40-km-long path for it, only 10% of building equivalent subway. It is said that the bus can reduce traffic jams by 20-30%.

Whoa whoa whoa -- 1,200 - 1,400 passengers at a time? That is one hell of a bus! The last time I rode the bus I had to stand and there were only 30 people! Granted my wiener was hanging out the bottom of my shorts and people kept scooching and spreading out to take up more room, but I didn't know that. I chalked it up to obesity.

Keep going for a video featuring a functional model of the bus.

Thanks to Noway and Stephanie B, who agree personal jetpacks are the future of transportation and transportation related deaths.

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