Amputee Gamer Gets Metal Gear Solid Inspired Prosthetic Arm Complete With USB Port, Display, Flying Drone

May 20, 2016


This is James Young displaying the prosthetic arm Konami had built for him. The arm was inspired by Big Boss's arm from Metal Gear Solid V and includes USB ports for charging devices, a small monitor, lights, and even a flying drone mounted to the shoulder. Wow. *heads to garage for hacksaw* My right arm is useless as it is now anyways. I tried to wipe my ass right-handed the other day and couldn't do anything but poke myself in the balls.

James can control the arm using muscle signals. He can shake your hand, he can pick up coins. A smart watch is embedded in the arm, it has USB ports to charge devices. It sounds amazing. This arm has changed his life, and it could change the lives of others. It cost roughly $120,000 to make.

Awesome. Now if they can get the cost down to not $120,000 these things could help a lot more people. I've decided if I ever lose an arm I'm just going to replace it with one of my legs, and replace my leg with a leg from my parent's dining room table. It's sturdy. Will I put a roller skate on it? *shaking Magic 8-Ball* 'Confucius say man with wooden leg gets splinter penis.' Man, I don't want some rat's penis!

Keep going for several more shots and two long videos about the arm.





Thanks to Matt and dragondog, one of whom I want to come cut my arm off in my sleep. My right one though not my left please tell me you know your sides.

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