Adventure!: Picnic, An App That Orders Random Food To A Random Location, Sends An Uber To Get You There

May 17, 2016


Picnic is an app created by developer Max Goodman that orders a random meal from restaurant deliver app Eat24 and sends it to a random address in your city, then orders an Uber to pick you up and take you there. Max demonstrated the app a few days ago (you can see his Twitter coverage of the whole event starting HERE) when it ordered him dolmas, coconut water, and an omelette from a Lebanese restaurant, and sent it to a gas station. This sounds like a great idea for a first date. You know, really ramp up the awkward uncomfortableness. Personally, whenever I go on first dates I always go to the same bar that I visit by myself all the time but I pretend like it's the first time I've ever been there and the bartenders play along and tell my date what a cool guy I seem like even though I am not a cool guy and my date can usually tell and leaves within twenty minutes. I dunno, maybe starting a first date with a lie isn't the way to go. I also don't use a real pic for my dating profile.

Thanks to F***y McF***face, who agrees this is the perfect app for when you don't know what or where you want to eat. Heck yeah, Tandoori chicken on Skid Row, here we come!

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