You're Sick: Man Eats 12 Cans Of Corn In 13 Minutes

April 22, 2016


This is a video of competitive eater Matt "Megatoad" Stonie eating twelve cans of corn kernels in 12 minutes, 45 seconds. That's right around 11.5 pounds of corn before the water is drained off. That is sick. I bet his liver would be so delicious right now. Also, I bet it would be weird to poop nothing but corn. Like, nothing to hold it all together, just corn blasting out of your ass like it's a corn-shooting machine gun. Or, who knows, maybe it'll be all at once like a corn land mine explosion. Are you visualizing these things? I need you to visualize these things.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to hairless, who doesn't even want to eat one can of corn in a sitting because he's a normal person.

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