Yes, This: Ocarina Of Time Rendered With Unreal Engine 4

April 20, 2016


These are a bunch of videos of areas from The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time rendered using Unreal Engine 4. They look amazing. Locales include Kakariko Village (which was rendered by Youtuber ArtistArtorias), The Temple Of Time, Zora Domain, Death Mountain Crater and Gerudo Valley (which were all rendered by CryZENx). You know Nintendo should make a Zelda themed amusement park. I would go there. No, I would work there. And I don't care if I have the man the 'smash the pots' carnival game or march around in an unbearably hot Ganon costume all day, I would be the most enthusiastic employee they could ask for, or die trying to be. Will the girl who plays Zelda and I eventually start dating? In this daydream of mine we do. "Hey -- listen!" Dammit Navi, one more peep out of you and I'm putting you in a Lon Lon milk bottle. "Hey -- listen!" A full one.

Keep going for all the videos.

Thanks to Luis, who promised to let me borrow his Wii U when the new Zelda comes out. "No I didn't." YES YOU DID, LUIS. "I don't even have one." THEN GET ONE.

  • Meh

    Still terrible though.

  • Dustin Janes

    they just keep making the same game over and over don't they?

  • Fercho

    Totally worth it.

  • Jeremy Tilton

    It's a shame, a lot of these remakes get made by fans, but Nintendo will never let it be released.

  • NervJMSL

    I'm actually surprised Nintendo hasn't even claimed the videos.

  • Crazy Panther

    Nintendo doesnt do that. In fact, youre both bat shit insane. Nintendo allows almost every single remake of their games as long as there isnt any profit involved. They have always been like that. Go check out the fan made redux of Zelda 1. Its all 3d. Nintendo praised it. Google.

    Also, THEY ALL CONTAIN DOWNLOAD yeah its out, but its not a game, its just a map you walk around in. no NPC, no Mobs.

  • Medlir

    They just shut down a week or two ago... -_-

  • Wow.

  • Jenness

    Wow is right. This is pretty spectacular.

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