'Will You Be Here Tomorrow?': A 1998 Gruesome Death-Filled Workplace Safety Video

April 26, 2016


This is 'Will You Be Here Tomorrow?', a five minute workplace safety video from 1998 created by the gore-loving folks at Educational Resources, Inc. SPOILER: Everybody dies or near dies. And all horribly. There are workers getting chopped up, gored, crushed, electrocuted, set on fire, their eyeballs poked out, some dude even gets hit with a gas canister missile. From the best I can tell, the video was originally made to encourage people to quit their jobs so they don't die at work, which I am all for. Of all the ways I would want to die, 'on the job' is near the very bottom of my list. Unless my job was truly doing what I love, in which case holy shit I really do become an alien gigolo in the future. Pre-apologies to whatever alien I die on top of, I have a bad heart and the boner pills probably made it explode. Feel free to just roll my body onto the floor and take your space bucks back from the top of the dresser.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to NP, who agrees the safest way to not die at work is to call in fake sick.

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