Two Dudes Test Tesla's Autopilot During Rush Hour Traffic

April 5, 2016


Seen here looking like they're auditioning for parts on The Big Bang Theory, Ginnard and Adam from Youtube channel Slow News Day test out a Tesla Model S P90D's autopilot feature during rush hour traffic. The car handles unsurprisingly well, presumably because it isn't distracted trying to text a friend about how bad traffic is right now. I used to have a balcony that overlooked a relatively busy street and I would say at least half of the people were texting at any given time. A handful of women were putting on makeup, some really sick bastard was clipping his toenails and just letting them fall onto the floor, one guy was eating cereal out of a bowl with milk and everything, and one guy was masturbating to whatever he was watching on the smartphone he taped to his steering well. And not like casually either, like the world was going to end in thirty seconds. I've seen things. I wish I was kidding.

Keep going for the video, they even play some board games.

Thanks to dub, who agrees your car always comes with an autopilot feature if you take the bus. I like to do crosswords and listen to my music.

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