Too Much: $12,000 Lamborghini Carbon Fiber Luggage

April 4, 2016


This is the Aurum Carbon Fibre Trolley available from Lamborghini. It costs $12,210. For reference, that is about $12,110 too much to spend on a piece of luggage that doesn't even give free handjobs. If a piece of luggage costs $12,000 it better have wings and you better be able to climb in and fly it wherever the hell you're going. Shit, it better be a jetpack. A jetpack/time machine combo.

Keep going for a shot of the interior in case you expected to see gold bricks inside (for $12,000 I certainly did).


Thanks to vishal, who agrees nobody needs $12,000 luggage, not even supervillains.

  • Bling Nye

    $12,000 bag on $5 casters.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Oh come on. Those are like... $8 casters at least.

  • heretikeen

    Im reasonably sure this thing gets beat in terms of quality by nearly every single piece of luggage costing 200 bucks that's actually built with efficiency in mind.
    But then you can't show off the fact that you just don't give a fuck about a measly 12k.

  • duck_in_the_face_at_250_knots

    Seems like a good set to use if you want your luggage "lost."

  • Deksam

    Yes, exactly!

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