This Is Why I'm Fat: Automatic Popcorn Feeding Machine

April 7, 2016


This is the automatic popcorn feeding machine built by robot lover Simone Giertz and Adam Savage. It continuously dumps handfuls of popcorn into your mouth. Or, more accurately, it continuously dumps handfuls of popcorn into your lap. Man, the end of Mythbusters must have been hard on Adam -- he's not even making things that work anymore. Get yourself together man! Remember: when one door closes another one opens unless you're being held prisoner in which case you need to break a window or dig an escape tunnel or something because things aren't looking too good for you right now.

Keep going for a short video of the machine in action, as well as a long video of the build.

Thanks to carey, who promised to build me an automatic chocolate milk dispenser to put on my bedside table. Thank you, you are so sweet to me!

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