These Beets Are So Fresh!: DJ Turntable Kid's Dining Set

April 14, 2016


This is the $28 Dinner DJ dining set designed by Ignacio Pilotto and available from Fred & Friends. The place setting comes with a turntable stand, rotating plate, spork tone-arm, and interactive knobs and slider. I can see it now: Dammit son, I thought I told you no house music at the dinner table! Play some 90's rock for your old man. What the - did you just flick a broccoli at me?! No dessert for you! "There isn't any anyways." Yeah well now you don't get any the next time there is some. "I miss mom." Me too, son. Wait-- was that too real for a Geekologie article? Let me try it again. "I miss mom." Me too, son. But if she doesn't stab any more inmates she could be up for parole next year!

Keep going for a couple more product shots.



Thanks to hairless, who would be great working in a restaurant because then I wouldn't have to worry about hair in my soup. Fingernails maybe.

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