That's Ridiculous: Vividus, The $145,000 Luxury Bed

April 22, 2016


This is Vividus, a luxury bed that costs £100,000 (~$145,000). For reference, you can buy a newly constructed house down the street from my parents in Alabama for less. Granite countertops. The beds are made by Swedish company Hästens and take over 320 man-hours to construct. That is $453/hour not including materials. I sleep on a bare mattress on the floor.

Immense thought and expertise has gone into the creation of each element. From hand-sewn layers of horsehair and cotton to the redwood pine bed frame from north Sweden, only the finiest materials have been used. The bed is upholstered with the brand's signature blue checkered fabric.

Jan-Erik Leander, Master Craftsman of the Vividus, said, "It is a bed made without compromises in materials, time or craftsmanship. We cherish each bed from start to finish like a part of our own family. I believe that is what gives Vividus a soul and character of its own."

LOL @ "We cherish each bed from start to finish like a part of our own family." It's a bed man, you don't need to love something that two rich people are gonna bone on later like it's your mom or brother. That's weird. Now, are you thinking what I'm thinking? "No matter what if you drink a Red Bull after 8PM you'll pee the bed?" It's like we're telepathic.

Keep going for one more shot.


Thanks to vishal, who's holding out for a $290,000 bed because $145,000 beds are for peasants.

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