Tesla Easter Egg Features Mario Kart's Rainbow Road

April 13, 2016


This is a short video of the Rainbow Road Easter egg that Tesla included in its autopilot feature on the Model S. By activating the autopilot four times in quick succession, the road turns to Mario Kart's Rainbow Road. Want to drive Rainbow Road in real life? Go-Kart on acid. Just don't tell the Go-Kart World employees you're on acid or they might not let you drive. Also, wear sunglasses so they can't see your dilated pupils and try to walk like a normal person until you're in the cart. Then have the time of your life. Just remember that green shell that you hit might have been a person.

Keep going for the video in case the GIF isn't enough for you.

Thanks to devon, Ash and n0nentity, who agree it would be even cooler if the display turned into Spy Hunter for the NES, complete with enemies and the red truck you can drive into for upgrades.

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