Tastes Like Chicken: Eating E.T., A Mock Alien Barbecue

April 15, 2016


These are a few shots from Eating E.T., a "hands-on exploration of our intimate relations to other species, real and fictional." The all-vegan alien was made and barbecued to provoke discussion about human's eating practices, what's ethical, what isn't, and what just downright tastes delicious. Fried okra, that's what. I've broken up with girlfriends for not liking it. Olives too. These are important things to me. "What about communication?" Butterfly kisses only.

What would it feel like to eat an alien? How can we dearly love and grieve some non-human species while accepting the industrialised slaughter of others? How can we cater to the needs of eaters who seek a surrogate for the sacrificial and ritual aspects of convivial, meat-based, barbecues? What are our ethical responsibilities towards fictional organisms?

First of all, it would probably feel pretty weird to eat an alien. There's no telling what kind of space cancer those things are packed with. Secondly, I doubt anybody will ever actually get the chance to eat an alien, because if the aliens are smart and technologically advanced enough to be able to travel to earth, I've got the feeling if anybody is gonna get eaten it's gonna be us. Or you rather, just one look through their bug eyes and they'll be able to tell I'd taste like shit.

Keep going for a couple more shots of of the alien roast.




Thanks to Melissa D, who knows what Ewok tastes like.

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