Somebody's Been Watching Bob Ross: Jumpy The Dog Paints A Landscape

April 11, 2016


This is a video of Jumpy the Border Collie/Blue Heeler mix painting a landscape with the help of his trainer (previously: Jumpy painting his own name). I want to buy that painting. I want to buy it and frame it and hang it up on the wall in the foyer and tell everybody I painted it because it's way better than I could do in a million years. I can't even paint by number. Even if it was just one number and that number was zero and you were just supposed to leave it all blank. I would screw it up.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Jeffrey S, who's gonna train his cat to paint landscapes and then sell them on eBay for hundreds of dollars apiece.

  • Pam

    That tail never stops wagging! What a talented sweetie.

  • shashi

    tried to play at 2x speed: broke youtube! (οдО;)

  • Jenness

    Watching the video the man is really painting the dog is just being forced to hold that thing and follow the stick movements - not that is not impressive - it is. My dog can barely get motivated enough to lick herself until she passes out again.

    Which I think is how I want to spend my next life - pampered and just pleasuring myself while people pet me, clean up my bodily fluids and let me do whatever the hell I want.

  • Why wait until the next life?
    Sounds like my perfect Sunday.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Literally how I will be picturing you from now on. Thanks for the deposit into my spank bank! :-D

  • Deksam

    He should tie a brush to his tail and make abstract art.

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