Pygmy Squid Squirting Ink To Confuse Prey Before Attack

April 5, 2016


This is some ultra extremely rare and fascinating footage of a Japanese pygmy squid squirting ink to hide itself from prey before moving in for the kill. Usually squids use ink as a defensive tactic, but now scientists have learned they're using it for offense as well. Playing both sides of the court. Me? I am selling soda and cotton candy in the stands.

The team noticed two distinct tactics. In some cases, the squid ejected a cloud of ink into the space separating them from the shrimp, then cut straight through it and captured the prey. One individual released several such screens in a sequence as it moved ever closer to its victim. The team thinks the cloud serves as a smokescreen that prevents the prey from seeing the attacker's movement.

Cool. You ever wish you were a squid? I've never wished I was a squid before, not even once. I've never wished i was a crab or a lobster either. I have wished I was a shark on several occasions though, mostly when my enemies are at the beach. I hate them, I just wanna bite their legs off so bad.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Alan, who agrees the best defense is a good offense. The second best defense is an impenetrable lair with tons of booby traps and a dragon.

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