Nipyatas: Pinatas Pre-Filled w/ Airplane Bottles & Candy

April 13, 2016


Nipyatas are pinatas that are pre-filled with 10-30 airplane bottles ("nips"), candy and naughty messages. Hopefully naughty messages about real nips. Prices range from $80 - $120 depending on the pinata size and style and the number of airplane bottles included. Alternatively, buy a pinata from the party store, then go to the liquor store and fill it up yourself for way cheaper. I've been doing that for years, except instead of just booze and candy I include dollar coins and erotic pictures of myself and LOTTO SCRATCHERS. My last birthday party three people had to go to the hospital. "Because of the pinata?" Cake related shooting.

Thanks to Lizzy, who reminded me Cinco De Mayo is right around the corner like I'd forgotten or something and didn't have it marked on my calendar with a drawing of me with X's for eyes.

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