New Cruise Ship With Two-Level Outdoor Go-Kart Track

April 15, 2016


Because cruise ship designers are hard at work designing boats that will take up an entire ocean so you can travel from Europe to America simply by walking the length of the ship, the latest boat from Norwegian Cruise Lines, the Norwegian Joy, will have a two-level outdoor go-kart track on board. Plus hover bumper cars. Obviously, I have every intention of jumping my go-kart over the side of the boat and straight to the bottom of the ocean. I'm coming, Jack!

Keep going for a rendering of the hover bumper cars. The Norwegian Joy sets sail for adventure all-you-can-eat-buffets in 2017.


Thanks to Tommy G, who informed me the best cruises are booze cruises. I dunno man, I've never not gotten violently sick on one of those. I hope fish like vomit.

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