Nailed It: Guy Paints Car To Look Like A Tank

April 5, 2016


This is a car somebody painted to look like a tank. You probably thought it was a real tank, but it's not, it's just a car somebody meticulously painted to LOOK like a tank. Notice the attention to detail. I've got the feeling that paint isn't the kind you can see through though so I doubt anybody riding in the back gets much of a view. Unless -- UNLESS -- the owner cut a hole in the roof and anybody in the back can poke their head up into the cannon. Then you could look down the barrel of the gun and pretend you're a giant bullet. Man, I love pretending I'm things. Like right now I'm pretending I'm not at work. You think this paintjob makes the car more or less valuable? Because I'll give you $80,000 for it. Fine, $80,000 and a new Tesla. You want my arm? I'll cut my arm off. A leg too, this is my dream car.

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