Must Try Them All: Chart Of 40 Different Kinds Of Pizza

April 14, 2016


This is the chart created by the folks at Food Republic illustrating 40 different kinds of pizza (previously: their hotdogs from around the world chart). I have every intention of trying them all. But, as my tipster Gaz pointed out, breakfast pizza is technically any pizza eaten cold the next morning for breakfast -- it doesn't have to have scrambled eggs and bacon or sausage on it. Also, why is there no dessert pizza on here? I used to love the dessert pizzas at those all-you-can-eat pizza parlors. Especially the apple-cinnamon one. That was my jam. One time I even tried taking a slice home with me but my mom caught me trying to nibble it in the car and made me throw it out the window even though I protested it would attract animals into the road, and they'd all get hit by cars. I made her feel bad about that for weeks afterward. Don't come between a boy and his dessert pizza.

Thanks to Gaz, who informed me pizza is her spirit food. Mine's fried okra.

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