Make It Real: Disney Theme Park Designer Imagines A My Neighbor Totoro Ride

April 20, 2016


Note: Slightly larger version HERE.

This is the My Neighbor Totoro themed amusement park ride imagined by Disney artist and theme park designer John Ramirez (previously: another artist's entire Ghibli theme park). I would ride that ride so hard. No -- what I would do is unbelt myself halfway through the ride, then hide somewhere and live in there forever. Or at least for an hour while I throw dust sprites at other riders or I get bored. I get bored easily. I'm bored right now. Let's go play real life Far Cry Primal in the woods. "You mean go throw rocks and sticks at each other." Yes I do. It's way funner than it sounds unless it already sounds amazing in which case it's exactly as fun as it sounds plus just a little extra.

Thanks to Allyson S, who informed me Miyazaki isn't a fan of amusement parks and this is all a heartbreaking pipe-dream.

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