Mad Skills: Taiwanese Spintop Trickshot Experts

April 6, 2016


This is a video from Kuma Films highlighting the impressive skills of 三峽定點陀螺, a group of spintop throwing experts in Taiwan. It's worth a watch. I didn't even know you could have so much fun with spintops. I had a spintop when I was a kid but it wasn't very much fun. "You ate the string." I didn't EAT the string, I choked on it trying to see how many feet I could get into my stomach and my mom threw it away. I can't even tell you how many bouncy balls I ate though. I used to bite through them right along the seam and swallow both halves pretending they were superhero vitamins. I was an idiot. "Was?" Well I'm not eating bouncy balls anymore! "Open your mouth." Nuh-uh.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to JB, who wants to become an expert throwing that spiked-shield-on-a-string weapon Rygar uses. IT'S CALLED A DISKARMOR, JB.

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