Later, Suckers!: Inky The Octopus Escapes To Freedom From New Zealand National Aquarium

April 13, 2016


Suckers, get it? It's double cool in this case because octopuses have suckers on their tentacles. Obviously, he took his suckers with him though. I don't know, I'm not that smart and none of my former teachers will admit that they taught me. Inky the octopus escaped the National Aquarium Of New Zealand after slipping through a gap at the top of his tank (smooth move, aquarium workers), climbing 8-feet across the floor (there were visible tentacleprints) then traveling down a 164-foot drainpipe, dropping him into Hawke's Bay. He has not been seen since. Nor has he written. Inky's friend and potential accomplice Blotchy apparently chickened out and remained in the tank. Me? I would have gone with Inky to freedom. I'm kidding, I like to know where my next meal is coming from. In this case I know it's coming from the gas station on my way home from work.

Keep going for photos of Inky's escape route.


Thanks to Anthony, who once saw a starfish trying to escape the petting tank at the aquarium and couldn't help but feel bad for the slow bastard.

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