Korean 'Bomb Pizza' Dough Bubble Is Set On Fire At Table

April 29, 2016


This is a video of a Korean bomb pizza, a pizza hidden in a giant dough bubble which is doused in oil and set on fire at the table. Then the bubble is removed with a pair of scissors and the pizza cut into slices. I'm pretty sure the fire is more for show than actual cooking (the fire doesn't burn that long), but you know how I feel about fire. I love it so much. Fire is definitely my element. "You got wind." Yeah well I want to talk to the Sorting Hat again. "This isn't Hogwarts." Screw off, Captain Planet.

Keep going for a video of a bomb pizza doing it's thing. Happy Arbor Day!

Thanks to Tim, who sets every pizza on fire by accidentally forgetting they're in the oven.

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