Just Break It Already: Candles With Mystery Jewelry Inside

April 21, 2016


Charmed Aroma candles are $27 natural soy wax candles that each have a ring inside. You just melt the candle until you see the foil bag, then tweezer it out (or bare-hand it if you're a badass), open, and put your new ring on. The rings come randomly packed in sizes 6 - 8 and each is valued at either $10, $25, $100, $1,000 or $5,000. I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume 98% of them are $10 though. And valued at $10 means it's actually worth $3.50. Still, a clever idea. Some other company should start making these except instead of putting rings in them they should put like, POGS or Pokemon cards. Or drugs. Or human teeth and hair for voodoo spells. I dunno, I'm spitballing here -- this is just an idea generating meeting anyways. "No, it's an intervention. Please have a seat." I hate you guys so much is lunch at least gonna be catered this time?

Keep going for a video advertisement.

Thanks to whoever posted this on Facebook saying they wanted one. If I remembered who you were I would get you one but I don't and I'm sorry. I understand if you unfriend me but if you try to re-friend me again later I'm gonna deny that shit so hard.

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