If Only It Were That Easy: Rays Jumping Out Of The Water And Bellyflopping To Attract Mates

April 26, 2016


LOL those stupid rays think they're birds!

This is a video from the BBC of a group of Mobula rays jumping out of the ocean to bellyflop in an attempt to attract a mate. Both males and females participate, trying to draw attention to themselves and their superior sexability. Personally, I have never bellyflopped to try to attract a mate before, but one summer I did do a cannonball at the pool to impress a girl I liked. It was such a glorious cannonball. So glorious it soaked her and all her friends who were tanning and she told me she hated me. So that backfired. It was a very lonely, loveless summer. Come to think of it, they've all been. It's cool, I'm fine. *crying*

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Danielle, who claims she once saw a ray actually learn how to fly and build a nest in a palm tree.

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