Icon Speak T-Shirt Lets You Communicate In Other Countries Without Knowing The Language

April 15, 2016


Because learning even the most basic words in a foreign language is hard and people are lazy, this is the Icon Speak t-shirt. It has 40 relatively universal icons on it so you can point to communicate while traveling in foreign speaking countries without having to know the language. It's perfect for the tourist that likes to wear the same shirt six days in a row. Alternatively, buy one and pretend like you don't know your own language so you don't have to talk to anyone. That's what I did. Watch -- tell me if you can tell what I'm saying. "You're just rubbing your nipples and winking at me." And what does that mean? "You're a pervert?" I'm your pervert.

Keep going for two more shots, including a guy asking if the water here is safe to drink (it isn't).



Thanks again to Lucinda, who, for two tips in a row, receives flowers. You just need to be in a relationship and wait until next Valentine's.

  • I recently created a mobile app that essentially works the same way. It's currently available free for iPhone & iPad. Android version coming soon. iconbabel.com

  • b1gpotato

    why pay $33 + shipping for a t shirt you would have to wear for a week in presumably 90-100 degree weather when you can just buy an app called Trip Icons for $1 that does the same thing... tripicons.com

  • Devid

    IconSpeak is an awesome T-shirt with 40 universal icons printed on it, which will help you communicate easily around the world when you are traveling!

    >Stop thinking! Buy it right now!


  • George

    Thought their version was overpriced so I made my own version at travellershirt.com with better icons (no offense to the swiss guys haha)

  • All I can see happening is me pointing at my boobs whilst people stare at them.

  • Floyd

    Pure Dee?

  • TheQiwiMan

    No icon of people doin' it, worthless shirt!

  • Adamant

    point finger + okay hand = Everyone knows what that means. No tshirt needed. Specially since that could get you arrested in some countries for wearing a pornographic image.

  • asdfadfs

    thats what the heart is for I think

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