Hungry Hungry Hippos IRL: Hippos Eating Watermelons

April 29, 2016


This is a compilation video from the Nagasaki Bio Park in Japan of hippos eating watermelons. They love those things. And me too, one time I ate two watermelons myself at a BBQ and everyone was pissed I did it secretly in the bathroom and there was no watermelon left for anyone else. But how far do you think hippos can spit watermelon seeds? Because based on some other videos I've seen on the internet, my guess is probably pretty far out their butt-mouths.

Hit the jump for the strangely relaxing video.

Thanks to Marion, who tried to put a tennis ball in his mouth and had to go to the hospital. Ahahahahahaha I did the same thing with a racquetball.

  • AC

    I was fairly mesmerized until I saw the significant cut they make into the watermelon so it crushes easier. [1:24]

  • CommanderKeen

    Probably so the Hippo doesn't choke. With a bite force of 8100 Newtons (humans have 150 or so) I imagine it wouldn't have much trouble crushing it without though.

  • violetsilver13


  • Dani

    What is he saying? Agaymas? what does it mean?

  • Jenness

    I think it's a prayer to the hippo gods for him not to be eaten like the watermelon

  • Bling Nye

    I think I saw something very similar through the glass when I walked by a McDonalds...

  • cardstock

    Such graceful creatures

  • Clipper44

    That stupid hippo is wasting half of the watermelon with each bite.

  • Cheese

    It still eats better than the hippos you see frequenting McDonalds.

  • It's a wild animal. You were expecting it to use silverware and to cut it into bite sized pieces?

  • Clipper44

    Uh, yeah.

  • Meh

    I never knew Hippo's were so cute ^^

  • Xockszky

    They're like bears. Cute as hell, but dangerous to be near. lol

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  • Xockszky

    Who doesn't eat watermelons whole? Hell, I eat them like that when they're still growing on the vine!

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