He's A Wizard!: Playing Card Optical Illusions Master

April 22, 2016


This is a video of playing card manipulating master Zach Mueller showing off some of his amazing card-moving tricks and optical illusions (previously). Judging from the video, I'm guessing Zach loves hats and making serious faces almost as much as he loves playing with cards. Also, I'm pretty sure there's a turtle in that aquarium on the floor. I'm very observant. I make a great witness to crimes and lawyers love me. "Mr. GW, is the man you saw that night in this courtroom?" Yes. "And can you identify him for us?" It was that rat-bastard right there! "Judge Thompson?!" Dum dum dum! Just kidding, I've just always wanted to say that. It's the guy in the orange jumpsuit and handcuffs stop asking stupid questions.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to JD, who's convinced this guy is Gambit's secret lovechild.

  • Cheese

    He looks like an absolute fuckwit. His tricks aren't even that impressive either.

  • David Bass

    what the fucks cardistry?

  • David Bass

    this is totally the thing I am going to figure out how to do..
    and guess what this kid is totally getting a free blowjob coupon from me.
    like... If this kid ever asks me to suck his dick I am going to ask for his license.\
    I bartend.

  • David Bass

    Hey! This is my thing...like the thing I do with stuff to like...ugh wait let me watch the video...I never watch the video...

  • Adibobea9

    Rather than upvote every comment, I'll just congratulate and thank you all for making my click worth it…

  • EmperorXenol

    "You where my the chosen one!"

  • Trojanman

    I dont know what I like better the trick or the rape face he maintains...

  • The shuffling stuff was kinda interesting. If you wanted to throw that into a shuffle during a game of uno or something I'd be impressed. But moving cards around in circles while looking like a date rapist? I really don't get it.

  • Jenness

    With that hair, no wonder he likes caps. His poker face is pretty ridiculous but then at the end he comes off as normal kid. I think since he is so dorkey, it would be funny to have him go into one of those Atlantic City casinos and have him sit down and talk normal (because he seems like such an incompetent goober) and see the A players get up because they don't want their chances screwed - then have him cut the deck and "Whaaaa????" with his hand trick. Of course, that doesn't mean he still won't suck at the actual game - but would be funny.

  • Bobba_Fett

    For my next trick, I will take the golf ball out of my mouth

  • TheQiwiMan

    For my next trick, I will call a girl in my class, get nervous, and hang up before she answers.

  • Cheese

    More likely he prefers boys.

  • shashi

    For my next trick, I will transform your cash into these magnificent cards (available at all good my website)

  • Jay Seldon

    Definitely something psycho killery about him

  • Pat Patrix

    If he didn't look like such a douche this would be neat.

  • Kaye Ting

    I think a lot of the douche factor also came from the exorbitant amount of hats on his wall behind him yet he decided not to wear one to cover up that fucked up mop on his head he calls hair.

  • Billy Avenue

    for my next trick, I will break eye contact with the camera for 1 second.

  • WhiteEagle2

    For my next trick, I will appear that I'm upset my mom just took my xbox.

  • Adm. Zackbar

    For my next trick I will wear a hat.

  • The_Wretched

    If only he owned like 50 baseball caps or something.

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