He's A Wizard!: Playing Card Optical Illusions Master

April 22, 2016


This is a video of playing card manipulating master Zach Mueller showing off some of his amazing card-moving tricks and optical illusions (previously). Judging from the video, I'm guessing Zach loves hats and making serious faces almost as much as he loves playing with cards. Also, I'm pretty sure there's a turtle in that aquarium on the floor. I'm very observant. I make a great witness to crimes and lawyers love me. "Mr. GW, is the man you saw that night in this courtroom?" Yes. "And can you identify him for us?" It was that rat-bastard right there! "Judge Thompson?!" Dum dum dum! Just kidding, I've just always wanted to say that. It's the guy in the orange jumpsuit and handcuffs stop asking stupid questions.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to JD, who's convinced this guy is Gambit's secret lovechild.

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