Guy Builds Dream Home Over Pond, Fishes Through Hole In Living Room Floor

April 26, 2016


This is a local news report about Paul Phillips, a Skiatook, Oklahoma man who build his dream home over a pond so he could fish through a hole in the living room floor on bad weather days. He's only lived in the house for a few months but already put it up for sale because he wants to build an ever bigger house on a bigger pond to catch even bigger fish through the floor. Everybody needs a hobby. Hopefully the next house he builds he makes the hole in the floor a little less depressing. That looks like a place to dispose of bodies, not for fishing.

Keep going for what a local Skiatook, Oklahoma news report looks and sounds like.

Thanks to Lonnie, who informed me he has a 'I'd Rather Be Fishing' bumper sticker on his truck. What the -- you cut me off yesterday!

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