Giant 11-Foot Tall Inflatable Flamingo Lawn Ornament

April 1, 2016


This is the $350 Giant Inflatable Pink Flamingo available soon from Perpetual Kid. I thought it was an April Fool's joke at first but it is not, it is a real product coming soon. They already have a giant 7-foot inflatable duckie for sale as well because apparently some people have hundreds of dollar budgets for giant inflatables. Like me. I am going to get one of these for the front yard so everybody in the the neighborhood knows what a cool, fun-loving guy I am. "You're kind of a dork." What -- who said that? "Over here." MOM?!

Keep going for a couple more shots.



Thanks to SkidTiresOnPavement, which I see people do all the time because they don't look up from their phone until the last second when they need to stop. It's dangerous.

  • Eric

    They were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should.

  • Lord Voldemort


  • autumndawnzz

    Do you get the random pantless chick with it too?

  • TheQiwiMan
  • Not as much fun as a random panties-less chick.

  • PUNX

    even if you don't, I think if you have $350.00 laying around to buy dumb crap like this you can attract one of your own

  • Shen89

    If you buy it, they will come

  • Valid point.

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