Game Of Thrones Jon Snow Faux Fur Hoodie

April 19, 2016


Just in time for spring and summer, this is the $80 John Snow Fur Hoodie available from ThinkGeek. It kinda sorta looks like the outfit Jon Snow wears in Game Of Thrones. It also just kinda looks like a North Face jacket. I want a hoodie that looks like it's made out of dragon scales. Really up my LARPing cred. Right now my LARPing cred is low. So low my friends don't even invite me to participate anymore, then I get on Facebook and I see all these pictures of them having so much fun running around in the woods pretending to be wizards and elves and it hurts my feelings. Come on, you accidentally bow-and-arrow a friend in the back one time and all of a sudden you're an outcast. He didn't even die. "He's still in the hospital." But not the morgue, that's my point.

Keep going for shots of the hood up and down.




Thanks to Joseph A, who's holding out for a faux direwolf caveman pelt.

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