Galaxy D20 Gaming Dice Light Up When You Roll A 20

April 26, 2016


These are the Critical Hit Galaxy D20s available from ThinkGeek for $20, but only at 2016 conventions they attend. They flash blue when you roll a 20 which you would be able to see above if our content management system wasn't giving me trouble and I could upload a GIF. The internet is broken. You can see them blinking at the product site HERE though. ThinkGeek also sells a set of red D10, D12 and D20s that do the same thing, but they aren't glittery or limited edition. They are available all the time though. Me? I don't go to conventions because I have a thing about large groups of people in costume so these dice are out of the question for me unless 1) one of you go and get them for me or 2) I pay three times what they should cost on eBay. Did I tell you my roommate stole some of my original Star Wars action figures and sold them on eBay and I didn't realize it until I bought them so I'd have two of each? I never Paypal'd him though, I PAINPAL'D him. "You tortured him?!" Oh I did more than just torture him. "You killed him?" Oh I did more than just kill him. "You killed him, used black magic to bring him back to life, then killed him again?" Four times. Don't touch my toys.

Thanks to SoPro, who is good at everything. You know what they say about a jack of all trades, don't you? Makes a great handyman.

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