Finally: Chair And Cooler Attachments For Hoverboards

April 19, 2016


Because standing sucks, these are the Hover Cart and Hover Cooler hoverboard attachments designed and sold by BoatsToGo. They allow you to use one of those stupid hoverboards while sitting, for maximum laziness. That said, I just bought the cooler one because I like drinking beers on the go and just acquired a hoverboard. "You stole it from a kid in your neighborhood." It's cool, he's a little jerk. He's always leaving dog shit under my car door handles. That, or there's a circus dog in the neighborhood that's learned how to shit under car door handles.

Keep going for two videos of a bikini babe riding the things.

Thanks to Lonnie, who wants to be a wholesale distributor of hoverboard attachments.

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