Engaged Couple's Beautiful Rey & Finn Cosplay Shoot

April 14, 2016


These are the photos from engaged couple Julianne and Victor's Star Wars themed cosplay photoshoot at the Little Sahara Sand Dunes in Utah. They chose the dunes because they look like Jakku in The Force Awakens. The shots were captured by photographer Robert Lance, and I'd say everybody pretty much nailed it. There's even a baby cosplaying as BB-8 (BaBy-8). I wish I could have been there. Maybe I could have been a Jawa or something. "Jawas live on Tatooine, not Jakku." Yeah well maybe I left Tatooine looking for another desert to scavenge, you ever think of that? You're always so quick to put me down. You put me down when we should really be lifting each other up. "You're way too heavy." This is not a healthy friendship.

Keep going for several more shots.







Thanks to Dee, who already asked me to participate in her Dagobah swamp themed cosplay photoshoot, presumably because of my likeness to Yoda.

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