Death Wishes: Motorcycle Sidecar Motocross Jump

April 5, 2016


Because death wishes to some people aren't wishes, they're orders, this is a video of an insane motorcross sidecar jump. It looks like a great way to have somebody land on your head. Also, those spectators are just about as brave as the racers. I wouldn't be caught any closer than 100 yards from that jump. I didn't even feel safe watching the Youtube video. Just kidding, I would totally ride in one of those sidecars and you could even set me on fire first because I'm a stuntman. "You just want somebody to kill you." It really confused the hell out of the hitman I hired when he showed up to talk about the job.

Keep going for the video, and yes, it looks like we're having a hitman themed day today.

Thanks to Brian A, who's always dreamed of traveling the countryside in a sidecar. Me? I have always dreamed of traveling the countryside on a train with all my hobo friends.

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