Darth Dapper: Python Skin Covered Darth Vader Helmet

April 29, 2016


This is a Disney collectible Darth Vader helmet that's been covered in python skin by the folks at ELEMNT. They only made this one though and it's the only one they're going to make so if you want it you better rush over there and have a credit card with at least $3,000 available. Just kidding, I already bought it but I'll sell it to you for $5,000. "Not interested." Dammit, I should have thought this plan through.

Originally produced by Disney based on the mold used to cast the actually movies costume. This is a collectors edition, there is only 1200 of these helmets made in the entire world. The helmet number is 235, box is numbered and kept in original condition. ELEMNT will only commission one sale of Python edition Darth Vader. Handmade in New York, solid 24K gold branding on the rear of the helmet. This item is wearable, the mask and helmet detach.

Heck yeah it's wearable. I am going to wear it all the time. Is this one of the helmets that also changes your voice to Vader's? Because I want one like that. Not that my voice isn't deep enough, as a matter of fact it's TOO deep and I need the mask to tone it down. "You sound like--" No I don't sound like your niece stop being a jerk.

Keep going for shots from all angles.






Thanks to DG, who's holding out for a storm trooper helmet covered in snow python skin.

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