Cute: Little 3-D Printed Flower Vases For Your Bicycle

April 13, 2016


These are the 3-D printed flower vases made specifically for attaching to you bicycle designed and sold by Colleen Jordan of Etsy store Wearable Planter. They are an extension of her preexisting wearable planter jewelry line we posted last year. The planters attach to your bike's frame or handlebars using an integrated plastic clasp or elastic strap. And the best part about a planter on your bicycle is you'll never run out of plants to put in it! You see plants everywhere outside when you're biking! Except in my neighborhood. Weeds don't even grow between the cracks in the sidewalk here -- they know better. One time I thought I saw a flower but it was a dead bird.

Keep going for several more shots of the possibilities.








Thanks to Ruby, who, based on the bandage on her hand, doesn't recommend putting a cactus in your bike vase.

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