Crushing LEGO Pieces With A Hydraulic Press (Plus Bonus Bowling Ball And Pin)

April 6, 2016


Because some hydraulic press company really wants me to put one at the top of my birthday list this year (done and done), this is a video of a hydraulic press crushing LEGO pieces. Impressive, but I feel like I've stepped on LEGO blocks harder with my bare feet before. "No you haven't." Well it certainly felt like it. I've had to have my doctor surgically remove LEGO bricks from my feet before. "Sure it wasn't your rectum?" WHAT THE -- did he tell you that?! I signed a doctor-patient confidentiality agreement, I can sue! "It was just an educated guess." Damn you to hell.

Keep going for the videos (the bowling ball explodes!), and make sure to watch the very ends too for BONUS clay figure smashes that are always a treat.

Thanks to Dunc, who agrees there should be a company that lets you rent the use of ahydraulic press for like an hour at a time so you can do this kind of fun shit yourself. Shit yourself!

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