Cooking Ewoks: A Decent Looking Death Star Fire Pit

April 27, 2016


First there was a Photoshopped Death Star fire pit, then there was a fair looking real one, and now, the best one to date. Apparently somebody bought the pit at auction and gave it to their friend and Redditor alphacodemonkey as a gift. It must be nice to have such a good friend that they would give you such a nice gift. I have never been given any gifts since the gift of life. When I was growing up I'd ask my parents when my birthday is they would always say it just passed. I don't even know how old I am. Plus, as I've discovered later in life, the gift of life was really more of a gag-gift.

Keep going for several more shots.






Thanks to tank, who I have always dreamed of driving. Okay that's not entirely true, really I just want to man the gun on top.

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