Choo Choo!: Cool First Person View From LEGO Train

April 28, 2016


This is a first person point of view video from a LEGO train traveling around a guy's house who laid out a ton of track both inside and outside his home. I'm pretty sure he keeps the track set up all the time too because it's pretty extensive. Everybody needs a hobby. Mine is yelling at myself. Even better than the first video though are the two BONUS fail videos of the train hitting a frog, going through a puddle, falling off a bridge, running off the track multiple times, running into other trains -- you know, the things you really want to see. Throw some fire and some naked giants in the mix and you've got yourself a video I'd 'accidentally' forget to return to Redbox.

Keep going for three videos.

Thanks to Charlie H, who always wears a conductor's hat on weekends because weekends are for being yourself and having fun.

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