Call The Circus: Man's Incredible Pancake Flipping Skills

April 25, 2016


PROTIP: Turn the volume down for the first video because there is much excitement.

This are two videos of Youtuber MisterDanielMcFarland's friend Ben showing off his pancake flipping skills. In the first video he tosses the cake, does a somersault, then catches it in the pan. In the second video he does a bunch of twirling. I tried the same thing with a waffle iron and now my head is bleeding pretty bad. Plus I'm pretty sure I have a concussion. What do you think, should I go to the doctor? "Is your roommate home?" No. "Turn your phone off and go to sleep." Good call!

Keep going for the videos.

Thanks to Dave L, whose pancake flipping stunt show draws spectators from the whole tri-county area.

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