Blood Jelly!: What Snake Venom Does To Victims' Blood

April 21, 2016


This is an informative video about how venomous snakes kill their prey (previously: this video). Basically the venom causes red blood cells to rupture, and blood to clot. Smaller victims are killed when the blood clots get lodged in blood vessels and cause a stroke or cardiac arrest. In larger animals the ruptured red blood cells can cause massive internal bleeding. I'm gonna be honest, I don't want to get bitten by a venomous snake anymore. "You did before?" Kind of. I know, maybe if I let it slither around in some radioactive waste first..."You'd gain superpowers." WHY ARE THEY SO HARD TO COME BY? Being Snakeman doesn't even sound that cool but I'd settle for it.

Keep going for the video, but skip to 2:25 if you just want to see the blood jelly.

Thanks to hairless, who tried to tell me he keeps himself completely shaved because snakes are attracted to body hair. I'm convinced he got struck by lightning and couldn't grow hair if he wanted to.

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