Beer On The Go: The ManCan Portable Keg System

April 8, 2016


Because beer is best when shared with your bear friends in the woods, this is the ManCan portable keg system (starting at $195). You just pour your beers in, seal it up, and the thing keeps your beers fresh and carbonated (using a tiny CO2 canister) until you're ready to guzzle them. Now. Let's guzzle them now. Does that guy in the photo know he pooped his pants?

The ManCan is a personal keg system that keeps your favorite beer fresh, carbonated, and delicious -- the way it should be. Available in indestructible, 128oz (one-gallon) or 64oz (half-gallon) stainless steel. Two tap systems with the Perfect Pour Regulator can top these bad boys for the ultimate experience.

Wait -- it only comes in 128oz and 64oz capacities? That's roughly five beers and ten beers. That is not enough capacity! Who wanders out into the woods with the intention of only drinking five beers? What are the bears gonna drink? A sober bear is an angry bear, that's why they attack. Also, it doesn't keep the beers cold. And why is it a ManCan, why can't it be a PersonCan? Women drink beer too, you know. Don't they? I thought they did, but I've never gotten close enough to one at a bar to see what she's drinking.

Keep going for a couple more shots.




Thanks to Isaiah, who just adds powdered alcohol to river water and that's how you get worms.

  • "Who wanders out into the woods with the intention of only drinking five beers?"

    REAL men do not "wander" into the woods, they trek into the woods with purpose.

  • Oh god, did you just get ROCK hard capitalizing every letter of the word REAL?

  • Frag Monger

    See all that crap hanging off the top - just ready to be broken off if you drop the thing or it falls off the table or something?
    I much prefer this design - and plan to pick one up soon.

  • I drink what ever gets me shit-faced quickest.
    Rum and cola usually.

  • Konstantin

    Cola only waters it down. 151 Rum, straight up, and just keep knocking them down. Easiest way to catch up with a party that's been going for a few hours.

  • You strike me as a guy who has shit his pants.

  • It may water it down but I like the taste.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Seek help.

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