Awwwww: Huff The Hedgehog Born With Vampire Teeth

April 27, 2016


These are several pictures of Huff the hedgehog. Huff is a three year old rescue hedgehog that was born with pronounced fangs and kind of reminds me of Tuna the dog. First of all, I thought everybody named their hedgehog Sonic. I thought that was a rule. Although in this case I would have also allowed Vlad Dracula or Vlad The Impaler on account of his fangs and sharp spines. But what the heck do I know, I'm just a, oh I don't know, CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL NAMING EXPERT *flashes business card that's really a 2-for-1 Whopper coupon* Huff is cute. "His full name is Sir Hodge Huffington the Cricket Slayer." That's decent, I'll let it slide. What do hedgehogs eat that they need fangs for anyways? "Gold rings." I see what you did there, and I like it. Come get a belly rub or a noogie, your choice.

Keep going for several more shots. Huff's Instagram is HERE.





Thanks to Lyndsay P, who informed me she had a hedgehog pet when she was a kid. Awesome, I am going to use this information. But probably just for this shoutout.

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