Arts & Crafts: Throwing Spraypaint Cans Into Lawnmower

April 4, 2016


This is a video of Uncle Rob doing some arts & crafts by throwing cans of spraypaint into a lawnmower. Weird, I didn't even know I had an Uncle Rob. And, based on his life choices and everything about this video, I'm not sure how much longer I'll have one either. *reading eulogy* Uncle Rob was mentally ill and we should have gotten him the help he needed.

Keep going for the video, the third can explodes in a glorious fireball.

Thanks to Barnaby, who agrees arts & crafts time has certainly gotten out of hand.

  • Dave Harden

    If you look closely... Theres a blow torch slightly behind and adjacent to the mower... They intentionally blew it up to get noticed, thats why the explosion randomly comes from the middle of the paint.

  • Oban 1 Kenobi

    Good catch.

  • 大川 JMizu

    sucks for all those cars with paint specks on em now...

  • Someone needs some shrapnel to the testicles to teach a safety lesson.

  • plus. I mean, you got pretty shitty canvas coverage with the first two cans. Did you even do a trial run? Or did you have a suspicion that you might not survive it so you might as well record the first time?

  • That's not my Uncle Rob.
    Last time I saw my Uncle Rob was at a wedding (he was drunk and trying to grope a bridesmaid).
    The closest he ever got to art was painting his kitchen (badly).

  • PUNX

    how can it not be safe... you got all the right equipment. you got your sandals, you got your vader mask.... what else is needed.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Don't forget the safety squints... Definitely put them on.

  • PowerGloveKid

    white people, seriously

  • Adam

    I've seen videos of black people lighting their chests on fire for YouTube. What's your point?

  • PowerGloveKid

    why are you talking to me? screw off

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