Another Day, Another Gore-Fest Workplace Safety Video (This Time From Germany So You Know It's Good)

April 27, 2016


Happy Administrative Professionals Day! It's also National Prime Rib Day and National Karaoke Week. Take your secretary out for a prime rib lunch and sing some Prince hits. Hot on the heels of yesterday's 'Will You Be Here Tomorrow' (I really hope not), this is 'Staplerfahrer Klaus' ('Stackerdriver Klaus'), a 2001 workplace safety video from Germany that follow the misadventures of forklift operator Klaus as he accidentally maims and kills all his coworkers. He really is awful behind the wheel of that thing. He might actually be the world's worst forklift operator. Or a serial killer.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Klaus, but presumably not the one from the video unless they let you email in prison.

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